Wearing my ring — Part #1

When I first started as a cashier at Wal-Mart, while Jeff and I were serious, I never wore anything on my ring finger.  Little did we know the impact from the customer viewpoint.  Many of my customers (and they are my customers) would look at my left hand, see the ring finger empty or naked and just make assumptions that I had no one in my life.  If I got a dollar for each time I was asked about my relationship status in the first two weeks of work, gads, I could easily purchase a new car.  Well, maybe just buy seat covers using my employee discount.  At first, it felt very strange continually explaining my relationship situation to “strangers” going through my line.  At first it was very flattering.  Later, almost painful.  Had to turn it into a game just to keep a smile on my face.  I was also concerned how Jeff would take me getting all this attention.  My ex would have blown a gasket over it (yep, that is one of the reasons he is an ex!!!).  Jeff is and was very secure in our relationship and me, that he wanted to know about it and helped me worked through any issues I had about it.  It become a source of this blog.

Separate of the Wal-Mart issues about my ring finger being naked, Jeff greatly surprised me with a special ring.  Not an engagement or wedding ring.  Rather a ring expressing his commitment to me and our relationship.    More to follow.


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