Wearing my ring — Part #2

In the last posting, I commented about the ring that Jeff surprised me with.  Would like to tell you a bit about it and I don’t want to sound like I am gloating but I just love it.  It is a 14K yellow gold band with three rows of stones.  In the middle, is a row of rubies.  All square cut and just a bit over 1/2 carat in total weight.  Above and below this row are rows of square cut diamonds.  Smaller in size but almost .7 carats in total weight.  Since it was presented to me, I have not taken it off.  I hope that give you a good description of it and that you can visualize it.  It makes my heart just flutter!

OK, now you might understand why guys hit on ladies who don’t  rings.  Down south it is usually a sign that the lady is unattached or not married (hope that you noted that I did not say “available”).  If you are on the “hunt” for lady, just check out her left hand and ring finger.  No ring or naked, majority of the time it would indicate that she is not married.  Up north, this naked finger indicated non-marriage only about 60% of the time.  On the other hand (and no pun attended), wearing a ring on that finger means “I  am married or in some major relationship.”

You would think that wearing a ring would tell guys that “I am not available.”  For lots of guys, this would be accurate.  However, for a large group of guys, it just says “she is more desirable since she is married.  If I can get in her pants, well than it would be a no-strings attached good time.”   I am not here to beat up on guys but feel that it is important that Jeff and I set the stage for some of the future posts.

Some of these posts will be about guys who are just flirting with me with no other intention.  Some will be about guys who are truly trying to get me to go out with them.  In all cases, I hope my stories will put a smile on your face just have they done for me.

In closing, I wear my ring proudly and with joy that my special guy loves me and me him.  Off to spend the day having some fun.


Jeff here, what Lisa Marie has note is so very true.  Not about all guys, just some.  I want to thank them (unoffically) since they give us just materials for stories to tell.  Working on some stories to share.  New posts to be on Mondays and possibility on Thursdays.  Please let others know about this blog and lets get lots of readers.  It is my goal to also start collecting stories from others to share.  More on this to follow later.  By for now!


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