Hey!!!!! I just work here.

Yes we know it has been two weeks since our last posting but school just started back and all has been overly busy.

In just the last few days, Lisa has come home from work and just fit to be tied.  There have been a few customers that she would like to just shoot.  Here in our state of Oklahoma, we have what is known as the Wick system.  It is a form of public assistance, just like the food stamps of yesteryear.  Here, participants are provided with either a card (like a charge card) or a certificate.  It is the ones with this certificate that have been providing her grief.

When the state issues these certificates, it not only provides names, numbers and denomiations (amount they can spend), but in many cases it will also list very specific food items.  For example, milk.  As I am sure that you are aware, there are many different types or grades of milk.  These start with non-fat products to full milk.  So when someone has one of these certificates, it might list that they has get up to three gallons of 2% milk.  If what they buy does not match the list, Wal-Mart does not get reimbursed.  It’s that simple.

Here is where the problem occurs.  We are required to check each item on the list against what is being purchased.  Where there is a mismatch, I have to remove the item from the line or belt and either have they replace it with the correct item or not make the purchase at all.  Many times, I have even called a CS manager over and they helped by getting the correct item.   Doing all that I can to make the purchase as easy as possible, why do some of the customers yell and get mad at me?  Many times I will here them say, “well the last time I was here, the other cashier let me buy that item (i.e., the incorrect one).  Stop wasting my time and just give me the item that I have placed on the belt.”  Even when I explain to them that if I let the wrong item through, the State will not reimburse the company; and if that happens, I am the one who gets in trouble and could lose my job.  They still get mad at me.  Just the other day, this type of even just happened and they went to the CSM to file a formal complaint against me.  After the CSM came over to my register and let me know about the complaint, that she saw the entire event and that I have nothing to worry about.

Can you explain this behavior to me!


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