My name is Jeff and I will be one of two guides on this journey of retail cashierhood.  I am a professor within a college of business at state, regional university.  The university has about 14,000 students and my specialty is entrepreneurship and supply chain management.  Just before coming a professor I spend about twenty years working as a strategy consultant and supported the retail trade.  Before that, I owned and operated a multi-store retail outfit for about nine years.  I have been on the first line in the retail industry.  Lisa Marie is the love of my life and my very special lady!

My name is Lisa Marie and I am currently working at a Wal-Mart of a cashier while going back to school to complete my undergraduate degree.  I have been working at this SuperCenter for just about a year and the experiences that I have had with customers.  I want to be upfront here, almost all have placed a smile on my face and just outright made me giggle.  These customers have been funny, good-natured and happy.  Very few have been grumpy and just mean.  Almost every evening after work when I get home, Jeff and I debrief the day.  It is at this time, that I share my stores.

The stories and experiences just make us giggle  and thought that these stories might put a smile on your face too.


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