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In this category, we will be sharing those stories that just touch you. They may not be funny or happy but we hope that they will touch something deep within you.

Labor Day Posting

Wal-Mart – Podcast – Sept 7 – 2010

Hi there, Dr. Jeff here on this Labor Day, 2010.  Lisa Marie is sitting on the couch reading American history and overhearing the recording of this podcast.  As I noted, Lisa has returned to school to complete her degree.  This is the start of her Sophomore year and American history is just one of her many classes this semester.    So as she was reading her book, I made her some coffee and a “light and fluffy” blueberry pancake.    Enough of that.

Yesterday, there was lots of excitement at the store.  It seems that there was this group of young boys about nine years old.  Well, one of them walked over to one of employees and said that there was smoke in the girls area; and then he started to laugh.  As this employee turned to look, a clothing rack of young girls clothing was on fire.  As she turned to talk with this boy, he was gone.  Security of course got involved as well has the local fire and rescue.  When all was settled, the police and security went in back to look at the store tapes.  This tapes have been used successfully in the past so I can only hope that they catch these young idiots.

Next topic, the “little one who loves me”  There are times when Lisa seems to have lots of problems with working her hours, studying for exams and classes and than just trying to live life in general.  It can be trying and just outright frustrating.  However. . .it’s those little things that keep you going.  The other day, Lisa had just gotten home and I could see that she was both very tired but had one of those looks upon her face.  One of her regulars’ (customers and while it is still mind-boggling that she has regular customers — those individuals or family who will get into her line regardless of how busy or long the line is — week after week;), a young man about the age of 18 but with a mind of only about 6 years old was so excited to see her working.  After the mom had finishing checking out, this young man ran around the counter, and ask her if he could give her a hug.  A truly very touching moment, one that is etched into her mind and others around them.  It’s events like that that makes working worth it.

Happy Labor Day and until next week. . . . .


Lisa’s Birthday

On Saturday was Lisa’s anniversary.  Now if you have read any of our prior posts, you will know that we are not married (although being exclusive for the past year and a half).  You are probably asking “what anniversary?”  It was the anniversary of her birthday.  What????  We only have one wedding day and each year following we celebrate the “anniversary” of that day.  So, we only have one birthday and each year following we should b e celebrating the “anniversary” of that day.  OK, you can stop groaning now.  No more on this subject.

On her birthday (or anniversary as I like to say), Lisa had to work and my middle daughter flew in for a two week summer stay from Michigan.  The real reason for this post is to talk about those touching events that occurred while she was working that day.

It started about 11 AM when I stopped by the store to buy some things for the house in prep for my daughter coming in.  Lisa was at Lane #4 and was just busy.  She was told earlier that about 20 people called in that day and that they would be short on the registers.  As I was checking out at Lane #9, I asked the CSM if I could tie up a birthday balloon by her register.  I was informed “no” but that they would hold it behind the customer service counter until she leaves.   I passed and after checking out, walked over, told her about the balloon and said goodbye.  About an hour later, a young lady and her father came through her lane.  Mary (Don’t know her real name) wished Lisa a Happy Birthday.  Mary is about 23 years old but is mentally operating at about a 10 year old level.  Lisa and Mary talked about birthdays two weeks prior when it was Mary’s birthday and Lisa shared that her birthday was coming up in two weeks.  Seems that Mary remembered and pestered her dad to take her to the store so that she could wish Lisa birthday greetings.  When asked if she could give Lisa a birthday balloon, Lisa said thanks but no and also shared her experience with me about the balloon.  Lisa was touched that this young lady remembered her birthday, forced her dad to take her to the store and wanted to buy her a balloon.  Mary was not going to end it here!

After going home, Mary made Lisa a large pin noted “birthday Girl” and filled in all the spaces with drawings of balloons.  Making her dad driver her back to the store (they only live a few miles away). Mary ran into the store and pinned it on Lisa.  So started the daily birthday greetings.

Thought the day, Lisa received many greetings based on the special birthday pin by Mary.  One of the most memorable was Henry (another one whose name I don’t know).  Henry is about 80ish in age and generally a very gentle in nature.  Over the past month or so, Lisa has notices that he was been a bit more isolated (he is one of her regulars).  When he noticed her pin, there was a slight smile on his face.  Joking with him as she does with most of her customers, Lisa found out that he lost his wife of 39+ years about two months ago.  Talking with her just made him smile and put some minor joy in his life.  Saying good bye Lisa completed the next few hours uneventful.  As she was clocking out, the CSM called her over to the counter and handed her a bag with a receipt on it.  Henry had bought her a small bouquet of flowers for her birthday.  The CSM stated that employees were not able to accept from customers.  At that point, Henry stated that he was a friend and just leaving Lisa a small birthday gift since he would not be able to see her that evening.  The CSM give the flowers to Lisa later that day.

Spreading joy is free and infectious.  All it takes is a smile to make others feel special.  Please take some time today or over the next few days, and just smile.  Until next Monday.